Starting an IT Support Career


IT support job is where by the computer systems and networks of a company are maintained and monitored by an IT support officer. The main features of IT support are to configure or install the computer systems and solve technical and application problems. To also diagnose software and hardware faults. Company wide applications and email systems and servers are also part of the job description.


IT support requires someone known as IT support officer to assist in streamlining the features. There are many tasks of an IT support officer. They include monitoring existing systems, upgrading software and hardware, preparing and following diagrams or documentation and configuring email clients and servers. They also do the receiving and classifying end user support request, installation of software on desktops, and also setting network account access


Starting an IT support career involves too many things. First, you need to know the kind of lever that you fit. Many organizations have different levels of an IT officer. The levels include the tier 1 and tier 2. It is important to understand the roles of each level for proper administration of the job. Tier 1 also known as the first level support are the people who answer the phone to respond to users who call with it problems. They also respond to emails and can resolve several it issues on the spot. The tier 2 also known as the second level support also has different roles. They perform functions that are very specific to an area of technology. They have less communication with the end user as he works with the information given by the first level support.


To also pull up a successful IT support career at there are some things you require. IT support requirements consist of a certificate in the relevant areas such as Cisco, Microsoft, and CompTIA among others. This is to show that you have been to school and you have the skills and knowledge of the IT support kind of job. It also adds to your process of being an expert. It is also important to look at the IT market trend to be able to meet your employer expectation.


You might need a degree for many entry level jobs in IT support at Such a degree is the computer science. With the modern technology, IT support has become an integral part of business thus creating employment opportunities for many people.

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